AG Behavioral Health and Consulting is looking for a highly-qualified clinician to provide individual and family therapy. We provide autonomy and highly efficient administrative support which allows the clinician to focus on the client.

Candidates should possess the ability to manage their time well and be a self-starter. This is a growing position which will start out part time on Wednesday and Saturdays with the intention to grow up to a minimum of 25 appointments in a 4 day work week, including a minimum of 2 evenings and 1 weekend day for the first few years.

Administrative support includes scheduling, malpractice coverage, billing insurance collection, consultation stipend, and note dictation; as well as a furnished office.

Experience Required:

 ·      Fully licensed, LCSW LCPC, PsyD. or PhD.

·       Experience in inpatient, partial hospital program, or intensive outpatient programs.

·      Must have a minimum of 3 years work experience post graduate.

·      Strong experience with eating disorders, self-injury, and substance abuse and high risk behaviors.

·      On track to complete Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS)

·      Ability to work with families including family therapy, couples therapy, parent coaching, feedback sessions, and direct treatment planning.

·      A strong understanding of the referral process to therapeutic programs.

·      Ability to collaborate with providers and willingness to communicate on the phone outside of office hours.

·      Demonstrate the ability to work independently, highly communicative, and willing to participate in outside consultation and/or clinical support and build a connection with local clinicians. 

·      Self-starter attitude is a must, interested in trainings and expanding clinical knowledge though local CE events and alternative trainings.

·      Willing to market and attend meetings, and/or present in professional field.


All candidates should send an email their CV to


Thank you!

Audrey Grunst LCSW