Simply Bee Philosophy

  • Mental Health Awareness 
  • Wellness Seminars and Workshops
  • Public Speaking
  • Emotional Intelligence Trainings
  • Counseling Services for Outpatient Therapy

No one should ever be afraid to seek help and I want to provide the warmth and compassion that everyone deserves. I believe that everyone is doing their best with what they have.  Many times people want to change and make their life better but do not have the skills, knowledge or resources to do it alone. If people are give the physical and emotional space to be free from judgment, they will be able to explore internal experiences that once felt shameful or embarrassing.  Once one feels compassion from another person, it is easier to break free from self doubt and criticism and regain a sense who they are and who they want to become.  I believe therapy should be a comfortable and casual environment that disarms clients of their fears to begin therapy.  I work hard to remain unbiased in the therapy session and explore alternative ways for individuals to cope with their problems based on their truth. My goal is for each client to feel my authentic self is in the room with them by showing true honesty, humor, and humility.  

Audrey Grunst LCSW


I enjoy working with individuals and groups of people who want to increase their personal, professional, and social skills.  I see individuals for  counseling as well as career counseling and offer professional and personal development trainings.  I use a multidimensional approach to increase one's emotional intelligence by using applied psychology, behavior theory, and business strategy to build a balance between the rational mind and emotion mind. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of Illinois and have a certificate in Change Management from Lake Forest Business School of Management. Formerly, Audrey has worked in inpatient, partial hospital and other intensive programs for at risk youth, eating disorders, and acute stabilization.